Loving Life

Gee, I love it with things just ‘click’ into place.

The past week or so has been excellent and I think it’s got to do with my new attitude.  I’ve been really focusing on something Tony said awhile ago.

Well two things actually.

The first one, and I’ve already mentioned this to you, was about being content with the effort you’ve put in, irrespective of the outcome.  Sure, when it doesn’t go as well as you’d perhaps hoped it’s not just a simple matter of saying to yourself “oh well, I tried.”  Of course you need to review your approach, change a few things around and try again but it serves no purpose beating the crap out of yourself and feeling awful.  I’ve adopted this attitude lately and I think it’s really starting to work for me.  I’ve noticed as a result of focusing on input rather than output and in being more relaxed about the inputs I am committing to I’m actually doing more or better and as a result, getting better outcomes!

Neat trick hey.

Something I commented on today was that when I ‘beat myself up’ about a diet slip, or missing a session that feeling tended to compound and I’d miss another session or make another bad food choice thinking something like “well I’ve stuffed it already, whats it matter?”.  Now with less pressure on myself to be 100% compliant every minute of every day, I’m allowing the odd (usually planned but sometimes not) indulgence but am accommodating it with an extra training session.  I’m also ‘getting back on the program’ much quicker rather than wallowing in, I don’t know… self-pity, guilt whatever.

That takes me to my next change.  I’m training to eat.  Or drink.  I look at my week and think about what I’ve got coming up.  Whether it’s a farewell dinner, an Aust Day BBQ or a client lunch I look at it and think, “right, better make sure I hit all my sessions this week and maybe squeeze an extra one or two in somewhere.  Like yesterday for instance.  It’s Australia day and I had a beer or two and some saussies on the barby.  Not great dieting food but you know, kinda obligatory really.

So my plan was to get up early and get a decent run in before festivities commence.  Then I can have my beer guilt free.  Oh, I also plan on having a sober weekend so that’ll be a couple of sessions and good healthy food all weekend which will also help to make up for any bbq.

So.  Do some training prior to your weekend or special event celebrations and get right back on the plan immediately after and enjoy your reward.

Take care.


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