You Know you Can trust a Friend when…

They don’t take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable.

While enjoying our Australia Day celebrations we got to talking yesterday about our friends, trust and how you know if they’re trustworthy.  We got to this topic talking about my training and how much you (I) have to trust my trainer in order to get the most out of the program.  For instance, I have to trust in the food plan, I need to trust that the program is the right mix of weights and cardio for me, I have to trust that the exercises won’t hurt me, and I have to trust in Tony’s tips and cues when performing the exercises, I have to trust that he won’t give me a weight that’s too heavy (or too light) and also that he won’t let me drop said weight on myself.  There’s a lot of trust.  I’ve also got to trust him enough to feel comfortable pushing for (and finding) my limits.  I’m revealing my core psychology to my trainer in a deep, unfiltered, honest sort of a way.  And I couldn’t do that without trusting him to respect me, support me and challenge me.  So how do I trust someone?  I guess you’ve got to put something at risk first and see what they do with it.  I also get a strong ‘vibe’ from how the other person behaves.  In Tony’s case he’s not getting me to do anything he hasn’t done (or wouldn’t do) himself.  That makes me feel more comfortable.

So trust in relationships is important.  And you know you can trust someone when they don’t take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable.  I was up at Coolum on the beach over Christmas and a mate and I were playing around with my traction kite.  It’s a double line (two handles to hold) 3m kite designed for pulling you along on a skateboard or buggy, or just messing around on your own two feet.  It’s a little scary this kite.  My 2nd play with it and I got dragged on my belly towards a road while the kite spun uncontrollably in front of me.  Anyway, Andrew and I had set it up, untangle the lines and were having some fun flying it.  I decided to try and practice some body drags through the water.  So picture this.    Here’s Sean, both hands tightly held onto the control lines (let go and the kite fly’s off to the horizon) and being dragged through the water.  Wearing only boardies and sunnies.  Boardies I hadn’t done up tight.  Boardies that when being dragged against the water have a tendency to fall down.  Sean with his hands in the air, not being able to let go of kite and pants half way down his ass.  On a public beach.

“Andrew!!!!”  I screamed.  “come and pull my pants up.”  “quickly”.

Well I reckon the thought crossed his mind because it certainly crossed my mind.  To his credit he did not ‘dack’ me but rather helped cover my potential embarrassment and pulled my pants up again.  Whew!  I did not relish the thought of being pants’d on a public beach with no way of being able to pull my pants back up again.  I guess that’s trust hey?


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