Tick Tock…

Well guys, my deadline is fast approaching.  Its just 5 sleeps until I board the plan heading to San Francisco (2 nights), then Snowbird Ski Resort (10 nights), onto New York (5 nights) where I will celebrate/commiserate my 40th birthday.

Prior to that occurring I have to complete 5 or 6 workouts, 120 hrs of good food choices, 40 hrs of sleep, 15 litres of water and a million opportunities to think positively.  This will all culminate in…. the weigh in.  Tony will be doing the final weigh in, skin-folds, measurements and photos.  I’ll be sure to share these with you the moment I get them.

Fingers crossed, but I’m not too worried.  I’ve made dramatic changes, put in good consistent effort, trained hard.  I’ve also eaten some yummy food (more of it than I should), drank booze from time to time (not often to excess, which is good).  I’ve missed some workouts and gone easy in some others.  Given that, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.  It’ll be good to get a quantitative handle on it.  I guess in my heart of hearts I’m hoping for good results but will be happy whatever comes.

Now.  Having said that I’m still committed to setting and pursuing some additional goals.  I’ve started doing some planning in other areas of mine and Kirt’s lives and will extend that to my physical health and fitness, so stay tuned to hear more about that shortly.

So anyway.  Enough about me.  How’re things going for you guys?  2012 treating you well?  We’re into Feb already.  How quick was that?  Expect this year to be THE FASTEST of your lives so far.


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