Eyes on the Prize….

Hmmm.  This period leading up to our holiday has been particularly difficult.  I’m not sure what it is but both Kirt and I are busy, busy, busy while all we want to do is get on the plane.  It’s a tantalising ‘so close and yet soooo far away’ kinda thing.  It’s driving me a bit crazy.  Kirt often tells me we have to enjoy the planning and anticipating part of our holidays because often, that’s the longer bit and the actual holiday will be over so quickly we might as well enjoy this bit.  I get what she means but not sure if I can subscribe to that given my ‘immediate gratification’ type personality.  Yeah I know, a bit of a flaw but shit, I’m only human right?  Right?

I guess this situation is a bit like training for a long-term goal.  Lot’s of work in the lead up, followed by a brief enjoyment of the attainment and then onwards to the next goal.  While I think it’s important to have something else to focus on (Kirt and I often plan our next holiday while on the current one) I think we need to stop and smell the roses too.  Enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for while recognising that there’s more, or something else, to do.

So what are my new training goals?  I’m not 100% sure just yet but I’d like them to include:

  • Further reduction in body fat
  • Maintain current weight (minus the fat of course)
  • Improve flexibility
  • Start daily meditation
  • Get ‘bike-fit’ again so I can regularly MTB.

There’s talk of an adventure race down the track and I would LOVE to go on a MTB holiday to a ski-field in the off season.  Apparently Queenstown is just incredible!!

I have toyed with the idea of getting some photos professionally done too.  Not sure I would be that comfortable actually doing the session but I think I would like the evidence for when I’m old and crusty(er).

Gotta run now, got loads to do today.

Be well



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