84 is not 84 is not 84….?

Are you thinking to yourself “huh?”.  Fair enough.  Let me explain.  🙂

I was thinking about my last post where I started thinking about my future goals and got to wondering “What would be possible?”  I was searching the internet and found some interesting things.  The first thing that I found was the 84kg on one person does not look the same on another person.  We each have our own genetic potential and body shape/size that affects what’s possible.  I get that.  I know that a tall guy weighing the same as a short guy will look skinnier/less muscular.  Same goes if you’re carrying excess weight but in the other direction.  A tall guy can carry a few extra kilo’s a little more discreetly than his shorter counterpart.

So the next goal I was thinking about was around maintaining an 80kg plus weight and continuing to reduce my body fat.  I would love to get down around 12%.  I got pretty close when I was doing the triathlon training but I was weighing in at just over 70kg’s so it didn’t really work for me.  I did like being that lean though.

I thought I would have a look at various physiques and see what looked good.  Yeah I know, you can’t just pick one and ‘poof’ there you go but anyway I was looking.

I typed 84kg and 12% BF into google and then looked at all the images.  The following photos came back.  Each of these guys weighed in at 84kg and 12%.

What do you think?  They’re all quite different right?


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