What’s my training plan?

I had my conditioning workout with Tony this morning.  My weekly plan is 3 weights sessions on my own, 1 PT session focusing on range of motion (ROM) and conditioning (combination of strength and cardio) and then 2 – 3 cardio sessions on my own.  These will most likely be UFC style training – intervals on boxing equipment.  I’m looking forward to this plan and seeing what I can achieve.  When I thought about what I think the ultimate athlete is, it has to be hands down a professional UFC fighter.  Not that I’m a fighter, or even aggressive – I’m not.  But they have an incredible combination of the following:

  • Skills -to be competitive in UFC/mixed martial arts a competitor has to have at least 2 if not more martial arts/combat sports skill sets.  It takes years to become proficient in just one, let alone 2 or 3!!
  • Power – you gotta be strong
  • Fitness – 3 x 5min rounds (of combat) will test the fittest, no doubt about it.
  • Mental strength – to do what they do in the ring, while staying calm and focused is nothing short of mind blowing.  Reckon you could keep your cool with an 80kg man on top of you trying to beat you into submission?  Me either.
  • Flexible – despite some seriously muscular physiques these guys are definitely flexible. Not so much karate style high kick flexibility (although some do) but more that twist your body and limbs into awkward positions while still maintaining strength – mostly for the jujitsu and wrestling they do.
  • Finally, some of them also have awesome physiques, lean, muscular, balanced.

  So in my mind these guys are the complete package in terms of elite athletes and represent a level of fitness that I aspire too and this is what my training will be focused towards for the coming months.  I’m looking forward to it.


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