It’s time!

“For what?”, I hear you ask.  Well good question actually.  For me it’s time to take some time away from booze.

I’ve currently got most of the important aspects of my life humming along nicely and the one area that I’d like to tweak a little is my alcohol consumption.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no boozehound and I don’t have a problem with alcohol (no disrespect intended if you do), but I do feel that I’m drinking a little more regularly than I really want to and each time I do, I’m tending to have a little more, stay up a little later and then suffer the consequences a little more the following day.  Not so much hungover as just lethargic and unmotivated.  I’m less likely to do  my training, more likely to make poor food choices and just generally waste a day.

So….. I decided it was time to back off the booze for a bit.  It’ll be interesting to see how I manage.  I’ve having a belated birthday party for my 40th on 21st April, my last drink was on the 24th March so that’s near enough a month for me.  My aim is to make it through the whole month without having a drink.  I’m quite excited about what that might mean for my fitness goals too because to avoid alcohol I’m going to be naturally drawn towards healthier activities.  I’ve always been reasonably good at avoiding temptation, but not at resisting it.

What’s the diff?

Well to my mind I can avoid temptations by influencing my environment, not exposing myself to the temptations in the first place.  I’m less effective at resisting said temptation (drink, food etc) if it’s right in front of me.  If I say I’m not going to drink, chances are I’ll avoid social gatherings where that’s on the agenda or set up something the next day that prevents me from drinking (although that has been known to fail as a strategy for me).

So, please don’t invite me to the party of the century with free booze, dancing troupes and a boat because I’ll find it hard to say no.  But do feel free to invite me on your swim, ride, bush walk etc.  So long as you don’t want to celebrate the achievement over a bottle of beer.  😉  Nah, each to their own. Enjoy your drink and I’ll see you back off the wagon on 21st April.

Be good or good at it.


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