Sometimes you can’t have it all

AS you know I’ve been pretty busy with work these past few weeks.  My work involves group facilitation and workshop delivery.  I’m an introvert and although I thoroughly enjoy running these sessions they take quite a bit out of me.  Mentally.  I’ve been running on empty since about Tue last week.  Up until then I had managed to still fit in my training sessions and was feeling pretty pleased about doing so.  Last week I missed Thursday, had a acupuncture session on Friday (after which I was told not to train) and then did nothing but work over the weekend.  Normally I’d be beating myself up about missing so much training in a row.  Not this time.  As of Wed I have a bit of a break over Easter and will be able to focus on doing some good quality training then.  I’m looking forward to it in fact and am viewing this last week as a bit of a breather so I can let my body repair and go forth and put in maximum effort.

So my motto is that sometimes you really do need to focus on some immediate and emergent priorities and that’s ok.  For a little while anyway.  😉


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