Back to the future!!

Ok, well that spike of work is now behind me and I feel wrecked.  So much so that I’ve been hitting the sack at about 8:30pm most nights this week.  I even fell asleep on the sofa last night!!

Today is my first day of holidays and my commitment to myself was to have a fit and active Easter break.  God knows I need it after a pretty sustained break from training for about a week now.  So what’s up?  Kinda weird actually.  Although I really feel like training and am totally committed to do so, I’m reluctant to go…?  I guess I just have to make the start.  Go pack my gym bag, get in the car and before I know it I’ll be done.

I heard myself saying to a group of managers yesterday that one of the challenges of creating work life balance was the lack of clarity about the balance component.  They didn’t actually have a clear idea of the sorts of things they wanted to be doing, other than staying at work.  Sure they had the evocative stuff, like lying on a tropical island.  But that’s not an everyday thing.  Scientific principle. Nature abhors a vacuum.  It will seek to fill it.  Life is like that.  If there was a clear space in your day that some balance activity would fit (quality time with the wife or kids, exercise, relaxation etc) then all your other stuff would rush in and fill that space.  Usually work.  One needs to grab those big rocks (priorities) and just drop them into the rushing river and the water will flow around.  Sometimes the rock gets rolled away but usually it stays there and things adjust accordingly.  So when you’re considering whether to stay another hour at the office or not, perhaps weigh it against something more tangible, like “Oooh, that’s my yoga class I’m missing and then I’ll be a rigid old man…”.  How did I get here?  I think without the ‘rock’ of exercise in my life this past week, life has rushed to fill the space and now I’m out of the habit.

Observation:  healthy habits – hard to form, easy to break.

Anyhoo, I’m off to the gym now.

Enjoy your Easter.



2 thoughts on “Back to the future!!

  1. Hi Sean,

    I don’t know if you’re getting much feedback or not, but thought I’d let you know I’m reading your blogs and find them interesting and motivating. I’m an ex-Zenergy client (trained with Joel) and am now living in Perth. I’m waiting patiently (not really) for surgery to fuse my L5 / S1 vertebrae together. As I wait, I’m seeing all my hard work disappear, but reading your blog gives me hope that when all is said and done I can get back to where I was. I’m limited to swimming and an exercise bike…

    Looking forward to the next installment 🙂


    • Hey Kat!
      It’s Jod here!
      Thanks so much for stopping by…I’ll let Sean know that you’ve left this comment – he’ll be stoked!

      Sorry to hear about your pending surgery – BUGGER! Keep looking after youself and take care!

      Hugs and high 5’s!

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