Well, it’s still moving forward…. right?

You’ve heard the saying “two steps forwards and one step backwards” right?  It’s usually used to denote (in my world anyway) some form of self-sabotage.  Working hard on my diet all week only to cave on the weekend and binge eat.  it seems to be my pattern.  I lust after the discipline of people like Tony who (from the outside at least) never seem to falter in their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  [No, I’m not comparing.  Not really.  But thanks for reminding me].  Funnily enough I don’t apply things to myself that I would apply to others.  Like, every person has their own experience of the world.  So today I’m going to choose not to lament over the fact that Easter was a blow-out in all respects.  Booze, bad food and bugger all activity, but rather remind myself that I’m still moving forward and that the path to a goal does not have to be perfect, but rather optimal.  Optimal given my lifestyle, what I enjoy, the friends I have and so on, not perfect as in an elite athlete who’s being paid to train, supported by nutritionalists etc etc.

I feel better already.  🙂


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