Circle of Influence

Tony writes a short article in Zenergy’s weekly newsletter.  It’s always an interesting read and this weeks article got me thinking.

I was just this weekend saying to Kirt that one thing I do miss about the triathlon community is that being surrounded by fellow devotees to good food, early mornings and rigorous training really helps you to make the right choice to support your fitness, skills or racing goals.  Mores to the point, you have less opportunity to be distracted by the detailer’s of life, like boozy social gatherings, eating out all the time, and sleeping in.  Far less opportunity if you’re training for triathlons.

Kirt and I have long ago learned (and rapidly forgotten on many occasions) the value of setting up your environment so that temptations are not presented versus surrounding yourself with them and then having to use WILL POWER to deny said temptations.

Some principles that work(ed) for me:

  • Don’t bring it into the house.  If you do, you’re going to eat it.
  • Pre-prepare your meals (lunches especially).  When good food is ready to hand, you’ll find yourself eating it with no fuss whatsoever.  Let yourself get hungry with no good stuff nearby and good luck trying to avoid junk.
  • Get your exercise done in the morning, then you’re less likely to skip a workout due to an overwhelming day.
  • Train with a partner (doesn’t always work for me unfortunately, but it is a good idea). Tony suggested multiple partners in case one doesn’t turn up. If that’s you though (me) it doesn’t really help, in fact probably makes me feel less guilty about not turning up.
  • Have something at stake.  I pay training fees to Tony and don’t want to waste that by not capitalising on my own sessions.
  • Make a commitment to some form of competition.  Nothing like a looming race day to make you honest in your training.

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