Change is difficult

My observations are that most change, even self-initiated change is somewhat difficult.  The most recent example of this that I’ve experienced is not from my clients or the organisations I work with but myself.

I’ve finally managed to make the shift to my new gym!!  Yay!!  I’ve been putting it off as it’s a new environment and quite different from my usual gym.  Instead of having a dedicated weights room this is more of a boxing/kickboxing gym with bags, a ring, speedballs etc and an area that has some free and machine weights.  I guess I was being a little self-conscious about turning up in there.  Could have been a more testosterone fuelled environment than I really like.  Turns out it wasn’t.  Or hasn’t been yet.

I’m now just waiting for my new training regime from Tony before I’m 100% focused on my new goals etc.  We meet on Thursday to do a session together, do a measure (and pics) and work out a new approach.  I’ll post my results shortly after.  I’m hopeful for some good numbers this month.  I was tracking well and am again but did have a slight disruption due to being busy.  We’ll see.

So in hindsight (like usual) the change wasn’t so bad.  In fact, when it’s in the rearview mirror you really find yourself wondering “what was all the fuss about?”.  I guess it’s a case of bit by bit.  One pebble falling down a hill can cause a landslide and so can one small step lead to another.  And another….

Take your one small step tomorrow and if you have already, what’s the next small step you need to make?


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