Back to the best!

Well I had my weigh in and measure yesterday.

My 6 weeks in review has been a mixture of some really good training and eating consistency and a few multi-day blowouts.  I put much of this down to the volume of work I had in this period but overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  I’m officially back to the best shape I’ve been in.  I don’t have the measurements etc to hand but I think my skin folds were around 90mm and my weight was 81. something.  Tony and I have set some new goals and I’ve got a totally new training plan that I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into.  For the next 3 months I get to train like a fighter would train.  Probably minus the sparring… so fingers crossed I should stay pretty.

Kirt and I have have been doing a twice a week Kettlebell group session together as well.  There’s 6 in the class which is a nice size and we’ve always enjoyed training together.  Feels like an efficient use of time and joins two important life elements – exercise and time with your loved ones.  Win/Win all the way to the bank.

Ciao for now!  I got a party to get ready for.


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