My New Goals

Rightio – I feel like I’ve lost my way a little bit over the past few weeks or even month.  Yes, I was busy and yes, perhaps I did have a sound justification for it, but now I do not, and still I find myself wallowing around.  Missing sessions, eating too much, and generally putting off what it is that I want to do.

Do I want to do it?

If you looked at my behaviour, you’d think probably not.  But I DO want to be fitter, stronger, leaner, healthier.  I KNOW exercise is one of the very foundations of a successful life and one that I enjoy laying (the foundation).

So anyway, in an effort to motivate myself off the couch and into the gym, here are my new goals.

  • Strength – 100kg 1RM Bench Press
  • Endurance – Spartan Level 1 = sub 12 mins
  • Measurements – Weight = 80kg, skin folds – 80mm

Input equals output.


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