What Inspires You?

It’s funny really.  The sorts of things that I find inspirational are really quite varied.  I decided to think specifically about what inspires my physical side, although some things inspire me to be more professional, a better man, kinder, happier, more grateful etc.

Physically.  I like overcoming adversity.  Being the underdog.  Rising above the rest.  I like sacrifice and commitment.  I like people who push the limits of what’s possible, who through their words and more importantly their actions, tell us that it is possible.  That the human race is capable of extraordinary things.  And that average, is a choice.  To not settle for second best, but to judge yourself on what you put in.  Not on what you get out of it.  I admire natural talent and skills, but also admire perseverance, practice and time spent perfecting their craft/skill/talent.

I find some music to be incredibly inspirational.  Not just in an uplifting ‘I feel good’ kinda way but in an intense, focused, powerful “I need to move’ kind of way.  Eye of the Tiger is a classic example that most of us recognise, but there are others for me.  Prodigy do some great training tunes, particularly if you’re about to smash yourself and you need/want to get a little… angry.  I’m also a fan of hardcore, bangin techno.  No words, just a driving beat that allows to escape.  Escape what?  Well…. everything I guess.  It’s like an audio track to my own personal movie.  No one is telling me what to think or what to feel through their lyrics, I get to choose.  I like that.

What sort of music do you like to listen to when you workout?  What inspires you and most importantly “How do you use that to be a better version of you?”

Peace out.


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