I’m in the doldrums…

Do you know what I mean?  Doldrums is a colloquial term sailors use to describe being becalmed by the weather (I think it even more specifically refers to a location in an ocean where calm weather (no wind) is common.  This is obviously pre-power boat days when boats only had sails and therefore needed wind as a means of propulsion.  No wind = no going anywhere.  Here’s a pic.

Well, that’s me right now.  In pretty much all areas of my life unfortunately.  Work has stalled due to the recent State Gov’t election, funds are running low, I’m sick of living where I’m living, training has stalled, diet has gone to rubbish and I’m not very happy about all of this.  So I guess I need to take a leaf out of an ancient slavers book.  If there’s no wind.  Row.

My personal commitment is tonight to go and do some exercise.  Anything, but deep down I’d like it to be intense, soul-cleansing, distracting, empowering, enervating, vigorous and ultimately… fulfilling.  Am I asking too much?  Time will tell.


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