5 minute fitness

5 minute fitness is a philosophy.

It’s a way of thinking and I encourage you to take a moment right now and ask yourself….

Do you think that to “get fit, tone-up and lose weight”, is a painfully L O N G process that involves hours of slogging it out at the gym?

Well, I’d like to challenge that RIGHT NOW!

After spending thousands of hours training clients, 13 years of studying, learning and growing and also living my own life, I’ve come to notice that “fitness” is more of a STATE OF MIND, than state of body.

Little habits done daily DO add up over time….

The question is, what out-ways your day?

“Good health” habits, or “not so good” health habits…?

Fitness should not rule your every day living, it should be a small part of it…, and when done often, makes up a fitter and more fun life!

It only takes 5 minutes to;

– climb the stairs, instead of taking the escalator…

– do 5 push ups in the morning every day, not once in a while hitting the gym hard….

– or even, pouring the skinny-milk, instead of full fat milk!

Remember, it’s a STATE OF MIND, not state of body and only takes small bursts of the right choices.

You only get one shot at life and I reckon….”Life is way more fun when you are fit!”

Think fit…!



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