About Me

For years I’ve been regarded as a bit of a freak with exercise.

To me, I’m normal, I’m just the Tony who likes to throw some weights around, LOVES to carve up the tracks on my mountain bike, and LOVES even more yummy food mixed with even yummier wines.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients since my Personal Training career kicked off in 2000 and have loved every minute I’ve been able to spend with my clients.

Over this time I’ve tried and tested so many different ways of how to get the best results….and I’ve finally figured out the “secret”.

Are you ready for the “secret”….

Ok, here goes…

There is no ONE best way to get fit and enjoy the process, but there are MANY small ways that I know, can work for you! 🙂

You see, if you made me swim to stay fit, I’d hate it and chances are NOT do it.

If you went out to a restaurant with me and ordered me a chicken and salad with a water, I’d probably decline your next invitation…

The point I’m trying to make here, is that to get fit, you can enjoy life and you should be doing what you ENJOY to get fit!

If you haven’t found out yet, what you enjoy, don’t worry – keep searching, trying new things and keep moving forward, you will find your groove one day and when you find it, stick with it FOR LIFE!

I look forward to sharing with you so many different ways of how to enjoy exercise, because life is really more fun when you are fit 🙂



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