Meet Our Guinea Pig

A little context for this blog…

Hi there, my name is Sean, I’m Tony’s Guinea Pig!

A little about me. ….

I am someone who despite many, many good things in my life sometimes fails to maintain a positive state of mind and a balanced and happy lifestyle.

Given my professional background (psychology) I should know better…

This blog will be me sharing my experiences over the course of a few months as I undertake to turn around my current lifestyle and improve my health and fitness. I’m not doing this alone. I’ll be assisted by one of Brisbane’s best and most experienced personal trainers, Tony from the Zenergy Group.

I expect this to be difficult and yet rewarding.

I am someone who values personal fitness I like looking younger than my age and I like to do active things. Most importantly I like to look good. I’m nearly 40. Have at points in my life been very fit but have found it unsustainable. I can be characterised as ‘all or nothing’ and take this approach to everything I do – which ultimately turns out to run out of steam.

I have done zero exercise for over 6 months now.

In that time I’ve added several inches around my waist, more than 10kgs of weight and increased my body fat to over 20%. I have a long history with smoking on and off (more on than off unfortunately). I drink too regularly, and usually to excess when I do. I’ve struggled with depression and addictions at various points in my life.

I’m an average guy who aspires to better things.

I run my own business, am time poor and don’t usually ask for help (although I’m getting better at that).

If I can do what I set out to do, I know you can too. Wish me luck, and let’s go see what we can do together!

Sean 🙂


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